Best iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news

Flipboard  Flipboard strives to repackage the best content on the web as mobile-centric digital magazines. Better yet, it gives you granular control over what news sources are included in each faux-publication. Essentially, you can use the app to create your dream magazine. This beautiful newsreader app can also leverage content from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and…
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The most popular African animals

Kenya is a world attraction for its rich abundance of wildlife, most of which can be found in its national parks and reserves. Popular Kenya animals include thelion,leopard,elephant,buffaloandrhino. These are collectively referred to as…

Culture of Campeche

The state of Campeche offers visitors a cultural wealth displayed in the everyday activities of its inhabitants. A- FIESTAS or FestivitiesSAN ROMAN’S BLACK CHRIST FestivitiesCampeches patron saint is San Roman Martyr, who is worshiped by all its people. In 1565…

Breakfast Around The World: Africa

Africa, the second largest continent and home to over 1.2 billion people, is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination for the more adventurous travelers. Home to the longest river in the world and the hottest desert, there’s no shortage of interesting places to visit. And while some might travel there for the famous landmarks, others visit for the food. Each continent (and each…
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Top 10 Fantasy Writers of All Time

Fantasy is one of the most popular literary genres in the world of fiction writing. And so there is no dearth of top ten lists detailing the best writers and the best fantasy series of all time. Like most lists, this one is based on a mixture of the quality of writing, the…