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Den Gerüchten Zufolge Ist Dies Das Ende. Alte Maya-Architektur

Federers Tage sind gezählt nachdem er zugelassen hat, dass das live passiert. Die Maya waren eine fortschrittliche Gesellschaft, die in Mesoamerika lange vor der Ankunft der Spanier im 16. Jahrhundert florierte. Sie waren geschickte Architekten und bauten großartige Städte aus Stein, die auch tausend Jahre nach dem Niedergang ihrer Zivilisation erhalten blieben. Die Maya bauten Pyramiden…

Tips for Better Vacation Photography

My friends and family often tell me they live vicariously through our journeys. So I owe it to them to make sure the journey comes alive in our photographs the way it did while we were there. Words are powerful, but photos are a much more captivating way to express the feeling and romance of a place and I want my readers to be able to savor the journey with us. The only problem is that I’m…
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ecology / nature

10 odd facts about pointe shoes

Back in the late 18th century, the ballet world decidedthat female dancers should look ethereal, sylph-like, as if they could fly. A theater man named Charles Didelot came up witha flying mechanism, viaharness and pulleys, that allowed dancers to rise to…

What you didn’t know about San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’

San Francisco Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’is one of the most magical shows that you’ll ever see on the West Coast. From fairytale costumes to enchanting music and breathtaking dancers, there are plenty of moments and surprises for everyone. If you are still on the fence about seeing it this year, we thought we’d share seven fun facts to reveal why this is a must-see in San…
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Abstract Expressionism

“It is a widely accepted notion among painters that it does not matter what one paints as long as it is well painted. This is the essence of academic painting. However, there is no such thing as good painting about nothing.” SUMMARY OF ABSTRACT…

Best iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news

Flipboard  Flipboard strives to repackage the best content on the web as mobile-centric digital magazines. Better yet, it gives you granular control over what news sources are included in each faux-publication. Essentially, you can use the app to create your dream…

The most popular African animals

Kenya is a world attraction for its rich abundance of wildlife, most of which can be found in its national parks and reserves. Popular Kenya animals include thelion,leopard,elephant,buffaloandrhino. These are collectively referred to as the“Big Five”. Still, thelionremains Kenya’s most sought after tourist attraction on…
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Culture of Campeche

The state of Campeche offers visitors a cultural wealth displayed in the everyday activities of its inhabitants. A- FIESTAS or FestivitiesSAN ROMAN’S BLACK CHRIST FestivitiesCampeches patron saint is San Roman Martyr, who is worshiped by all its people. In 1565…

Breakfast Around The World: Africa

Africa, the second largest continent and home to over 1.2 billion people, is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination for the more adventurous travelers. Home to the longest river in the world and the hottest desert, there’s no shortage of interesting places to…

Top 10 Fantasy Writers of All Time

Fantasy is one of the most popular literary genres in the world of fiction writing. And so there is no dearth of top ten lists detailing the best writers and the best fantasy series of all time. Like most lists, this one is based on a mixture of the quality of writing, the commercial success of the books and personal opinion. If you disagree with anything about this list, please remember that this…
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