Breakfast Around The World: Africa

Africa, the second largest continent and home to over 1.2 billion people, is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination for the more adventurous travelers. Home to the longest river in the world and the hottest desert, there’s no shortage of interesting places to visit. And while some might travel there for the famous landmarks, others visit for the food. Each continent (and each country for that matter) has its own unique food culture that you can’t truly understand until you experience it for yourself. If you’re a foodie that plans to visit Africa someday, make sure you’re ready try these traditional breakfast favorites when you go!


RICE RICE RICE! No matter who you are or where you go, you can’t escape being served rice with every meal while in Madagascar. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, rice is a staple. Typically, breakfast will be last night’s rice reheated with lots of water to turn it into a sort of rice pudding, minus the sugar, called Sabeda. Along with the rice, people will often eat dried fish or mini-meat kebabs. Another common morning dish is a watery soup with some noodles, meat and veggies in it…not really what we’re used to waking up to here in the U.S.

South Africa

Aerial View Sea Point

The typical South African breakfast has been greatly influenced by centuries of European rule. Tea or coffee served with something bready like toast with jam or a rusk, a thick and tooth-breakingly hard cookie, can be expected for a morning meal. You might also find yourself eating eggs with sausage, muesli, yogurt, or fruit. As far as African breakfasts go, this is going to be the closest thing you find to a “meal from home”.


All I have to say is that Moroccans are lucky. They eat 5 meals a day and their biggest staple is bread…yummm! Two of their meals are recognized as breakfasts, the first of which comes in the early morning and the second during mid-morning. Breakfast usually includes tea and bread (of course) with butter or jam. While this is what many people in Morocco eat nowadays, the traditional Moroccan breakfast is a little different. A traditional breakfast consists of a fried egg served with a wedge of cream cheese and a couple olives. This is followed by jiben, a soft and sour goat’s cheese that is eaten by itself…so you’re either eating lots of bread or lots of cheese, sign me up!


Although some of Egypt’s eating habits may seem a bit bizarre, breakfast is fairly “normal”. Most natives start their day with a light breakfast consisting of beans, eggs, pickles, cheeses and/or jams. Fuul, made of cooked and mashed fava beans and served cold, is a breakfast favorite as well. This is traditionally eaten with pita bread and onions, plus some pickled vegetables and fresh rocket leaves on the side.


Kenya is home to over 60 languages, with almost everyone living there speaking more than one African language. The most popular Kenyan breakfast would probably be mandaazi, a semi-sweet flatbread. This is usually made early and eaten warm for breakfast, but is also sometimes eaten cold later in the day. Along with their mandaazi, Kenyans generally drink coffee or tea, served milky and sweet.

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